Friday, 30 May 2014

Wonderware Revolution Event - 18 June

Revolution Event

Enabling operators to identify, understand, react, resolve and optimise system abnormalities quicker and more efficiently.

Attend our next Wonderware event on 18th June to: 
  • Get up to speed with Wonderware 2014
  • See for yourself how 2014 plans to revolutionise the Industrial IT World 
  • Learn new efficient ways of developing and utilising Wonderware 2014
  • Grow your technical knowledge of Wonderware 2014
  • Learn how 2014 can benefit you and your business
  • Network with System Integrators and other End Users
  • Meet our Experts
Event will be held at the SolutionsPT Office, Cheadle, Cheshire (10 mins from Manchester Airport). 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere Software Wins Plant Engineering 2013 Product of the Year Award

Wonderware® InTouch® Access Anywhere software solution has won a Silver Award in the Productivity and Training category of Plant Engineering magazine’s annual Product of the Year contest.

Winners of the contest were selected by the magazine’s readers, comprising engineers from leading global manufacturing organizations who buy, specify and use these products daily. Choices were based on how the products help them do their jobs smarter, safer, more efficiently and more productively. The magazine’s panel of industry experts nominated finalists from hundreds of entries, after which readers selected the winners in nearly 20 plant automation and management categories.

“The mobility advancements in InTouch Access Anywhere represent the kinds of capabilities that help plant engineers and managers become more efficient and productive,” said Bob Vavra, Plant Engineering editor and content manager. “These capabilities positively impact the ability of producers and processors to address their most pressing operations and business challenges in the automation and management of their plants.”

The award-winning software solution enables users to access plant-floor data via the company’s Wonderware InTouch software, the world’s leading human machine interface software. 

It runs entirely and securely inside a web browser so users can connect to other InTouch applications at anytime from anywhere, using any mobile device, including Microsoft Surface tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android-based systems. The software also supports Macintosh and Linux-based computer systems, as well as Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops. And because users are not required to install any software on their mobile device, the offering is remarkably easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

Friday, 25 April 2014

We've got Vacancies

With over 80 employees, we’re a growing company, staffed with bright, energetic people who believe passionately in what they are doing. 

So, whether you are just about to graduate and begin your career, or you're an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity, you will find that SolutionsPT has plenty of opportunities for you to progress.

We look for and hire the best talent in all areas of our business and for people who strive to do and be the best, and who really want to make SolutionsPT even more successful than it is today.

If you share our values of leadership, strong customer service, respect of people & teams and knowledge improvement then we can offer you a progressive, challenging and exciting work environment.

Current Vacancies

Managed Services Engineer
Hours of work: Full Time -  Mon - Fri - 37½ hours/week
Location: Head Office - Cheadle, Cheshire 

Role includes: 
Managed services for our customers including server support, hardware/software 
upgrades, configuration changes, through to new solution deployments and strategies. 
Keeping up to date with new and emerging technologies.
Find out more > 

Pre-Sales Hardware Engineer
Hours of Work: Full Time - Mon to Frid - 37½ hours/week
Location: Head Office - Cheadle, Cheshire 

Role includes: 
Providing technical skills within our Industrial IT Hardware area to design, build and benchmark test computer servers and clients to meet the demands for our software and customers. Develop units into reference systems for our build teams. Support  sales channel with technical information (e.g. – technical documentation, demonstrations, explanations).
Find out more > 

Business Development Manager - Industrial IT Systems
Hours of work: Full time -  Mon - Fri - 37½ hours/week
Location: Head Office - Cheadle, Cheshire

Role includes: 
Targeting and developing new business relationships within industrial IT systems and networks. Working with an established Sales Team you will be focused on selling our services, systems, products and IP which respond to trends in the IT market and are applied to Industrial Infrastructure verticals. 
Find out more > 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Webinars for Download - InTouch, Historian, InTouch Access Anywhere and System Platform

Wonderware 2014 promises to deliver a revolutionary new look at engineering development, deployment and visual simplicity. 

The vast amount of research and development that has gone into this new release has been solely focused around improving operator awareness, optimising systems and enhancing operator performance.  

This release creates a revolutionary new way of doing things - breaking the mould on older methods of deployment, development, and visual simplicity.

Enabling operators to identify, understand, react, resolve and optimise system abnormalities quicker and more efficiently. 

Note: click here to download Webex Player in order to view the webinars.

Bonus Webinar: Find our more about our team of System Architects and what they do

Thursday, 10 April 2014

What does SolutionsPT do for fun?

All the monitors you'll ever need for a night of gaming!
What do you do when you work in an office full of monitors and projectors? Use it for a gaming night of course....

Last night saw 15 SolutionsPT staff stay after work to make use of all the office technology to take part in our first all out games festival.

Organised by our resident technical support guru - Colin, with gaming machines kindly donated for the night by staff and pizzas supplied  by our Employee Action Team (EAT), the setup included: 

  • Two PlayStation 3's -  including steering wheel and pedals for Gran Turismo
  • An XBox  playing Injustice (DC Comics characters in Mortal Kombat style)
    Bex takes on the dance mat
  • Another PS3 in 4 player mode with Tekken Tag 2 
  • Old school PS1 with Dance Star Party and Micro machines (for a bit of retro gaming) 
  • Yet another PS3 in use with the big projector with some Guitar Hero and microphone action. 

L to R: Maz, Kraig, Craig, Colin, Dave, Chris, Al & Andy
A great time was had by all, with tech support engineer, James commenting "The pizza night was great despite the constant interruptions to play bass, dance off or help beat up some very angry ninjas"...

Hopefully we'll make 'gaming night' a regular thing!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Microsoft XP Support Ends Today - Is Your Industrial Business Prepared?

Microsoft support for Windows XP will end today - 8th April 2014. 

This means you will no longer receive security updates, fixes or online technical support from Microsoft for PCs still running Windows XP. 

The security and privacy implications of this event could have significant impacts on your business, if you are still running XP you should plan to act soon.

A significant number of manufacturing, utilities and even critical infrastructure providers are still
running on XP and face these potential business implications:

Security Risks
Without critical security updates, systems  may become vulnerable to harmful viruses, malware
and other malicious activity which can steal or damage business data and information.

Unplanned Downtime
The risks of system failure and business disruption could increase because of the end of support, lack of supported software, and the increasing age of hardware running Windows XP.

No Technical Support When problems arise, online and phone-based technical support will unfortunately no longer be available to you or your IT partner, leaving you on your own to deal with the problem.

Reduced CompatibilityMany software and hardware vendors will no longer support products that are running on Windows XP as they are unable to get the Windows XP updates created to fix issues.

SolutionsPT can help you to reduce your risk in this situation.  
As specialists in industrial IT we recognise that it is not always practical to migrate systems to a different operating system: sometimes the application is simply not supported, skills are not available or maybe the cost of re-testing is prohibitive.

Our aim is to provide the necessary support to match the specific needs of each customer, either by extending the life of the Windows XP install base or working together to implement an effective migration plan to a supported operating platform.

Download our whitepaper on XP End of Life strategy (available on our website) or speak to our XP migration experts today via

Friday, 4 April 2014

NeoDyne Joins SolutionsPT Premier Partner Group

We're excited to announce NeoDyne has now joined our exclusive Premier Partner group.

The Cork-based business, which specialises in the food, beverage, natural gas, electricity, pharmaceutical, and mining industries, is the sixth member of the group, which brings system integrators together to utilise and share expertise, experiences and technological capabilities to ensure customers receive the best solutions across all industries. 

Left to Right: Phil Gillard, Sue Roche, Martin Farrell and Ger Hellen
NeoDyne is Wonderware System Platform Certified, meaning they have proven skilled experience in the Wonderware product range. To become Wonderware Certified, System Integrators have to provide customer references as well as pass exams in the software. These credentials highlight the level of expertise Neodyne have with Wonderware software. Neodyne work in partnership with SolutionsPT to deliver operational intelligence solutions, with a focus on virtualised environments, using products such as System Platform and ACP ThinManager.

Martin Farrell, Automation Director and Ger Hellen, Managing Director of NeoDyne were introduced to the rest of the Premier Partners at a special event at our office in Greater Manchester, where they received updates and overviews on market trends and new industrial automation software releases from specialists within the business.

Phil Gillard, General Manager of SolutionsPT, said: “We believe that a new dynamic is developing in our industry, the increasing influence of IT allows massive opportunity for improvement in the functionality and delivery of systems engineered by our SI community. Our Premier Partner programme allows us to work even more closely with our key system integrators to exploit this opportunity.

“Each of our Premier Partner members has been chosen for their expertise, industry knowledge and proven success rate within the industrial automation sector, and has demonstrated they are committed to achieving and maintaining Wonderware Certification. Having worked closely with NeoDyne for a number of years we know they will be a valuable addition to our Premier Partners network and we’re delighted to have them on board.”

Martin Farrell of NeoDyne, said: “As a business we worked hard to achieve Wonderware System Platform Certification and enjoy a strong working relationship with SolutionsPT. Our people are focussed on constantly growing their capabilities and know-how in the technology and application fields in which we operate, so being a Premier Partner will provide us with important opportunities to share expertise and continue to develop our client services.”